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Grazie ragazzi per il supporto ,

, spero di trovare lo schema da qualche parte , vorri essere sicuro del valore che comunque dovrebbe essere sicuramente o un 22uf o al massimo un 33uf .

Consiglio spassionato per tutti coloro i quali volessero sostituire i condensatori dei filtri :

Usate gli ERO 1822 (MKT) tra l’altro molto usati nelle serie successive , costano poco e non hanno rivali .

In rete si trova una recensione che allego :


I’ve been into audio for 11 plus years and I have heard dozens of capacitors. Everything from military specd, to audiophile grade. Ranging in price from just a few pennies to hundreds of dollars.
And the best capacitors that I have ever heard are Vishay. These are made in Germany by Vishay Roederstein to be exact, model number MKT 1822. They were previously know as the ERO capacitors. The MKT1822 is a box style timing capacitor, made out of metalized polyester. They range from 1000pF – 15.0uF and have voltages from 63vdc – 250vdc.
Most audiophiles will disagree because it goes against all audiophile grade logic. They don’t have Teflon, copper foil, silver foil, polypropylene/foil design, silver leads, oil, etc. But what they have is what counts, absolutely stunning sound.
It is virtually vale free and grain free. I have never heard any other capacitor come close! They have incredible resolution and sparkle to the high frequency. The term “liquid” should have been invented for these caps. Plus they have to most un-electric midrange I have ever heard. The best part is that they are dirt cheap, a few bucks max for the larger values. And they work as well in speaker crossovers as they do as coupling or bypass capacitors in amplifiers, preamps, dacs, etc. Here’s a list of some capacitors which I compared the MKT 1822’s to.

SCR Solen
RelCap Audio Cap Theta
MultiCap RTX
MultiCap PPMFX
Russian Military Teflon High Voltage Types